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Just about everything you've ever been told about “getting hearing aids”for your hearing loss is WRONG.

Many who suffer from hearing loss do not “want” to get hearing aids.  It is no wonder!  90% of hearing aids have generic programming and most with hearing aids have undertreated hearing loss.  But there’s a better way –you can the answers you need and more in Listen Up!: A Physician’s Guide to Effectively Treating Your Hearing Loss.

"Listen Up!"reveals a proven, clear approach to treating your hearing loss. It lays out the profound difference between “getting hearing aids” and treating your hearing loss.  No longer will you wonder if you or a love one is hearing as best as possible. 

Here's what you'll discover inside this revolutionary new book by the hearing loss physician, Dr. Mark J. Syms, M.D.
  • ​A Hearing Health Checklist for you or a loved one to determine if there are any signs or symptoms of hearing loss.
  • ​How a comprehensive, collaborative, and compassionate care model can better treat hearing loss.
  • ​Hearing Care is far more than simply dispensing hearing aids and how 2/3 of hearing aids are misfit.
  • ​Approaching Hearing Aids as a commodity implies the are like eyeglasses, which don’t need ongoing provider support.  This assembly-line approach is the biggest obstacles to effectively treating hearing loss.
  • ​How each hearing aid manufacturer’s algorithm automatically sets the volume lower than is required so the patient is comfortable –even though it’s not the correct volume for optimum hearing.
  • ​How does hearing loss lead to social isolation?  One conversation at a time.  You don’t wake up one day and suddenly feel like everyone around you is speaking gibberish.  The process is a gradual one.
  • ​Waiting until communication fails is FAR TOO LATE to begin treating hearing loss.  The second you notice a loved one asking “What?” a little too regularly, it’s time to schedule an evaluation.Perhaps, already TOO LATE!
  • ​Imagine your life becoming a game of Wheel of Fortune that gets a little harder every day, until eventually you’re left with only vowels.  That’ how hearing loss operates.
  • ​Understand the “Three Legged Stool of Communication” and why most do not perceive their own hearing loss.
  • ​How Hearing Loss is like baseball, but worse, because you only get two strikes with hearing loss.  Ask some to repeat something one time, and you’re fine.  If you need to ask again, they’ll probably say ‘never mind’.
  • ​Someone with hearing loss doesn’t get hearing aids only for themselves –hearing aids are for everyone else.  They enable hearing loss sufferers to better connect with loved ones, family, friends, and society.
  • ​Hearing technology will only achieve optimal performance when rigorously fitted by a professional and adjusted as needed.  Patients need to be guided and educated on their better hearing journey.
  • ​Why most trial periods are TOO SHORT since your ears and brain need to get used to the hearing treatment.  They’ll be reencountering sounds that, over time, they’d grown accustomed to not hearing.
  • Accurate and personalized validation of hearing treatment is the ONLY way know whether you have effectively treated your hearing loss.
  • ​Do not buy a hearing aid!  Instead, get your hearing loss TREATED.  Hearing care is NOT plug and play.  The quality of the provider has a DIRECT impact on whether your hearing devices will treat YOUR hearing loss.
  • ​​At the diagnostic and information-gathering stages, the more data the better.  That’s why a successful outcome depends on finding the best and most through hearing health care provider –not a seller of hearing aids.
  • ​​The craft of treating hearing loss requires a hearing professional to select and utilize the right battery of tests for each patient’s specific situation.
  • ​​Many hearing loss patients report their hearing aids worked well at the center but poorly at home.  That’s because the devices were not programmed for real-world conditions.
  • ​​Plus a WHOLE LOT MORE Besides!
This book reveals powerful, proven strategies to effectively treat hearing loss.  You'll discover exactly how "Listen Up!" can finally improve your relationships with loved ones and friends and remain independent. 

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